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Cutest Video Ever: Best Friend by Jason Chen

Jason Chen, Best FriendMy daughter, Music Lovers, said that this was the cutest video ever and then insisted that I watch it. She’s completely right. You must watch it.

He also sings it in Chinese, but we like the English version better. Could be because we don’t understand much Chinese. What do you think of Jason Chen?

Best Friend is on iTunes here.

Click on image to view at Amazon:

Chinese version



Help Make The Real Mikado (A Feature Film) Real

Joyce Wu, The Real Mikado, Asian American ActressMy name is Joyce Wu and I’m an Asian American writer, actress and filmmaker.  I’m currently an MFA candidate in film production at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts and I’ve directed several short films that have won awards and screened at festivals around the world.

I’m getting in touch with you today to tell you about my newest feature film. It’s called The Real Mikado and you can check out the campaign here.

The film is about an out of work Asian American actress in New York who runs out of money and moves back in with her parents in the suburbs of Detroit.  The town is facing a budget crisis and wants to shut down the community theater.  She agrees to direct a production of Gilbert and Sullivan’s opera The Mikado to try and save it. It’s a fun but poignant coming-of-age comedy. Right now, I’m working on securing funding via the IndieGoGo platform. I think we can all agree it’s about time for a film featuring an Asian American character who isn’t just an ethnic side kick or massage parlor worker.  The prospects in Hollywood for a film with a female protagonist (much less an Asian American one) are grim and this movie needs the support of the community so it can be produced independently. Any help you can give to this film would be greatly appreciated.  I know how busy you must be, so thank you for taking the time to read this and for checking out the project.


Nylon Pink: Big Bang, Next Bangles?

My oldest who is 12-years-old has her own music blog, and her idea for this band is to make an animé music video. It’s not a bad idea!

Girl bands are rare in music and Nylon Pink is truly unique because of their raw talent: they not only sing, and play their instruments, they also write and produce their own original material.

Nylon Pink, Asian American band, girl band

Vote for them here: Choose Blue, band and date added and we will be on the first page: Nylon Pink – “BLUE” BIGBANG – (Cover by @nylonpink) BLUE by BIGBANG by NylonPinkOfficial.

To check out at Amazon, just click on image:


Kristy Lin Jewelry with Discount for JadeLuckClub Readers!

I love the simple but playful silver jewelry by Kristy Lin.Like this Monsieur ring … it’s rings stacked up but look at the rings when they line up. Can you see it? Yes, it’s a face!
Kristy Lin JewelryMonsieur Stack Ring Set, $275
Kristy Lin jewelryEar Ring, $95
Blood Red Heart Ring, $88
How Kristy describes her line:
It’s inspired by films, conceptual art, and the human preoccupation with beauty.   I’m a young Asian-American designer that recently launched earlier this year.  Collections feature unconventional yet refined rings, earrings and bracelets that are effortlessly combined with surrealism and a high-end aesthetic for something a little quirky and a little classic.  All pieces feature sterling silver, and 14 or 18K gold.  Made in NY, NY, with recycled metals.
She is giving JadeLuck Club readers a special 15% discount.Please use promo code jadeluckclub. Click here to shop at her site.

Discover Viennie V: Next Katy Perry?

On iTunes.
In Viennie V’s latest video “For You,” she finds herself in the midst of an outrageous dating show on her hilarious quest for true love. Watch as she saves her dates from drowning, choking and falling before finding sweet love on a rooftop at sunset.

Viennie V’s sweet single “For You” is #50 on Mediabase’s published Top 40 Chart! Being on the same list as music greats such as Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Swift is an amazing honor. As an Asian American musician, Viennie V is proud to represent the Asian community on the music charts. She is a prime example of how lifelong dreams can become reality with hard work, determination, and passion.

Viennie V, For You

“Follow your heart and happiness will follow!” -Viennie V

Please continue to show your love for Viennie V by requesting “For You” at your local radio stations and spreading the word to friends and family.

Viennie V’s site is here.

Check her out on Amazon by clicking on image.


Asian Estrangement: YA Novel Money Boy and Music Video Run Away Train

If Money Boy by Paul Yee were a song, it would be Run Away Train by Alexander Jung.

Money Boy, Paul Yee

And vice versa.

Rapper Alexander Jung’s Run Away Train track made me think immediately of Paul Yee’s critically acclaimed and award winning young adult novel, Money Boy. If a book could have it’s own sound track, it would be Run Away Train. It’s not just teen angst but the real deal, at least if you play it while reading the book, about being thrown out of your house when you are a teen for being gay. And then trying to make it on the streets as a prostitute. Gritty reality. But at least it has an anthem.

If Money Boy gets made into a movie, this is my choice for the soundtrack!

Money Boy by Paul Yee

Ray Liu knows he should be happy. He lives in a big suburban house with all the latest electronic gadgets, and even finds plenty of time to indulge in his love of gaming. He needs the escape. It’s tough getting grades that will please his army veteran father, when speaking English is still a struggle. And he can’t quite connect with his gang at high school — immigrants like himself but who seem to have adjusted to North American life more easily. Then comes his father accesses Ray’s internet account, and discovers Ray has been cruising gay websites. Before Ray knows what has hit him, his belongings have been thrown on the front lawn, and he has been kicked out. Angry, defiant, Ray heads to downtown Toronto. In short order he is robbed, beaten up and seduced, and he learns the hard realities of life on the street. Could he really sell himself for sex? Lots of people use their bodies to make money — athletes, actors, models, pop singers. If no one gets hurt, why should anyone care?

I found this gritty young adult novel riveting to read and sadly realistic. I can picture an Asian American dad freaking out in the same way to discover his child’s homosexuality and react by throwing him out of the house and onto the streets. It’s an important book that explores the fringes of Asian American life that isn’t front and center as a “Model Minority.” Tiger parenting is not just demanding top grades from your kids, but also that they fit a particular acceptable mold. And when the child can’t or won’t comply, the consequences are dire.

Paul Yee’s excellent young adult novel is recommended for ages 14 and up. To view it more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.

• A Stonewall Honor Book, 2012

• “Yee’s sophisticated juxtaposition of immigrant narratives with questions of sexual identity is compelling and poignant.” — School Library Journal

• “Yee’s latest offers insight into the city’s immigrant-Chinese and gay communities…sure to invite both thought and discussion.” — Booklist

• “Paul Yee’s novel is a valuable intervention into the representation of gay and lesbian experience in the young adult genre.” — CM Magazine



The Slants: Their Trademark Saga Continues

The Slants, The Slants trademark

It was nice to get an update from Simon of The Slants on their trademark filing. He’s the one in front.

This is Simon with The Slants. I just wanted to take a moment to give you an update on what’s been happening with our trademark filing.

First, I wanted to thank you again for your willingness to help in this matter. I can’t tell you enough how much this means to me as an Asian American who is fighting for equal rights. It’s been nearly two years but we are still continuing the fight. As I go through the Trademark Office’s records once more, it’s interesting to see that of the 50 trademark applications containing the term “slant,” ours is still the only one that they’ve raised the issue of it being a racial slur (every other applicant who was not of Asian descent experienced no questions or doubt at all).

In our most recent appeal, we sent over 700 pages of evidence. From expert testimony showing the history/use of the word to a national survey of Asian Americans, letters of support from respected API activists, support from API media, and much more, it was an unbelievable collection that reflected thousands of hours of work. However, the Trademark Office expressed no interest in seriously considering anything from the Asian American community but instead dismissed all of the evidence presented because they believed it would be more politically correct to do so. Because our band is associated with a proud form of Asian American activism, we were struck down.

Since then, we’ve teamed up with a new attorney to assist us. We have reapplied using a different tactic and are working our way through the system again. I believe that we have a long road ahead of us but it’s an important one for the community. Some day, all of us will be able to look back and see how this case contributed to changing history for all minorities who have suffered the inequities of outdated laws.

Thank you again, I hope to send you some good news soon.


Simon Tam


The Slants are the only all-Asian American dance rock band in the world.

Kicking off the band’s career at a tiny dive bar in Portland, OR, The Slants soon found themselves on tour and in demand worldwide performing at music halls, colleges, and anime conventions. Within months, they released their debut album “Slanted Eyes, Slanted Hearts” winning multiple awards from the likes of Willamette Week, Rockwired, AsiaXpress, and the Portland Music Awards. Since that first iconic show in 2007, The Slants have been cited as the “Hardest Working Asian American Band” (slanteyefortheroundeye.com), toured North America ten times, rejected a million dollar recording contract, were the first and only Asian band to be a Fender Music artist, and according to U.S Congress, the first rock band to play inside a state library.

The Willamette Week, summarizes The Slants’ history perfectly: “It’s a great story: All-Asian synthcore troupe lands anime festival, achieves instantaneous notoriety from overpacked fireball-laden maelstrom, inspires John Woo and Dragon Ball Z fans toward aggro electro and—just months after its first practice—books gigs across the globe. As shadow-warriory as the Slants’ rise has been, it’s still all about the tunes, and the band’s debut—floor-filling synth pop bristling with all the menace and grandeur of its oft name-checked cultural icons—is propulsive, cinematic and impossible to ignore.”


Infectious Dance Group Aziatix: The Next 98 Degrees?


 AZIATIX releases their newest music video for “Nothing Compares to You,” an infectious new dance track from the Japanese release of their debut album Nocturnal.

Congrats to Aziatix for signing huge record deal with Cash Money Records worth $11.3 million!

 Click to view at Amazon

Hot off winning the award for Best New Group at the international Mnet Music Awards, Aziatix drops “Nothing Compares to You” as a tribute to their fans who had made their incredible rise to international stardom and success possible.

Have you checked out this super talented group?


Paper Dolls: Can’t Concentrate. Better than Britney Spears!

“Can’t Concentrate” is PaperDoll’s fourth official music video. The track was produced by Meteor Award Winner Michael Moloney and is available on itunes, amazon, and all major online retailers.  The multi-cultural group is currently featured in a NIKE campaign airing in Greater China.  Fronted by Chinese American Teresa Lee, PaperDoll is known for their uninhibited, high-energy live shows.

The video features the best of New York’s “hooper” (hula hooper) talent and was filmed in Navatman dance studio in Midtown Manhattan. PaperDoll is quickly gaining a reputation for finding the best in emerging subcutlures and talent. Past videos have featured underground animator Richmond Lee, Japanese director Tomoyuki Kato, and hip hop video director Court Dunn.

Back from their six-city, seventeen-show tour of China, indie pop band PaperDoll releases their latest music video for single “Can’t Concentrate“.


B-Boy Instant Noodles’ Chuck Maa in Monster Energy Drink Commercial

Monster Energy Drink starring Chuck Maa from Instant Noodles crew. Directed by Steven Butler. Choreography also by Steven Butler. I am happy to see Chuck Maa depicted as the guy who can compete in a street tough club scene and get the girl! How about you? Is this commercial breaking new ground? Please leave a comment!

 In hopes of impressing a girl, an unlikely b-boy breaks the only rule at an underground hip-hop dance club.
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