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It’s been just over a year blogging at JadeLuckClub and I’ve enjoyed this experience tremendously. I’ve met such interesting Asian Americans including the folks at the White House who work on the Asian American Initiative. But since this is my THIRD blog, the pace of blogging is killing me. If I don’t blog at least 5 days a week, I can’t seem to get any traction for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) on Google.

So … I’m taking the summer off. I want to use the time to work on a middle grade novel with an Asian American theme. Wish me luck on that. Please email me with any ideas for posts. When I return in September, I might change this blog direction slightly to focus more on Asian American children’s and young adult literature but still mulling that one over.

Have a wonderful summer!

p.s. If you want to read my blog posts, please come to Pragmatic Mom where I blog excessively on children’s books and I Love Newton, my micro blog on Newton, MA.

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2 thoughts on “Taking the Summer Off!”

    1. Hi HapaMama,
      Thanks so much for your understanding. I’m still not sure what I direction I am going with this blog. Originally, I was going to focus on Asian American children’s and YA authors but then at the last second I broadened it in a reaction to the Tiger Mom parenting style that dictated, erroneously, the career path of their children and in such a narrow way.

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