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JadeLuckClub new headerDear Readers,

I am in the process of installing a new blog template because the old one was gorgeous but didn’t work on the backside. For example, it said that I had zero traffic year to date even though some of you were so kind as to leave comments. I will be attempting to save some of the old “skin” to use as my new header but as I am not so technically capable, this will be a big and frustrating project for me that I hope to complete by next week.

New content will be coming next week. Thank you for your patience!


p.s. Thanks to a friend at work, I am now using the services of Black Coffee Media who is busily at work reskinning my blog and doing various other technical things beyond my ken.  Check them out if you need a technical assist. As for me, I can now work on fun stuff so I am now able to post tomorrow! Thank you Black Coffee Media! (and Annie!)

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