University of California UC System JadeLuckClub new diversity policy means fewer Asians

U.C. System ‘Diversity’ Means More Whites, Fewer Asians

Don't ID as Asian for College

University of California UC System JadeLuckClub new diversity policy means fewer AsiansAs part of an ongoing series on examining Asian Americans and elite college admissions, this article notes the new admission policy changes to the University of California system which is deliberately rewritten to reduce the number of Asians. Though that sounds bad, it must be noted that Asians made up more than 50% of students at some of the U.C. colleges which is admittedly out of whack. Still, I would have rather seen a policy change that boosts low income families, Latinos and African Americans. All the posts on Why You Shouldn’t Identify as Asian When Applying to College are here including on that gives stats on Asians at U.C.s.

This is from Linking and Thinking on Education by Joanne Jacobs blog:

MARCH 30, 2009 BY 

University of California’s new admissions policy will increase the number of whites, reduce Asian enrollment and give a very small boost to Hispanics and blacks. The university no longer will require applicants to take three SAT II subject tests. From the San Jose Mercury News:

“It’s affirmative action for whites,” said UC-Berkeley professor Ling-chi Wang.

. . . Under the new policy, according to UC’s own estimate, the proportion of Asian admissions would drop as much as 7 percent, while admissions of whites could rise by up to 10 percent.

California’s Asian-American students are much more likely to take college-prep classes, earn high grades, do well on subject-matter and math tests and apply to public universities.  However, they don’t do quite as well as whites on the SAT I “reasoning” test, which relies on verbal skills, because so many speak English as a second language.

Asian-Americans make up 37 percent of UC students, though they’re only 12 percent of California’s population. At UC-Berkeley, 46 percent of the freshman class is Asian. Giving preferences to students from low-income families qualifies more Asian-Americans for UC.

The only policy change that’s boosted admit numbers for Hispanic and black students is relying more heavily on class rank:  Students with good grades at heavily minority high schools may qualify for UC despite weak test scores.

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