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Asian American Actors in Recurring TV Roles UPDATED3

Margaret Cho All American Girl Asian American Actress Actor Comedian on TV Television JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

“Not a single lead actor is Asian or Asian American.*

Yes, I am elated that Daniel Dae Kim has found life after Lost, but he’s technically in a supporting role to Alex O’Loughlin.”

from 8 Asians in 2010

I did a little digging to see what regular, recurring roles on television Asian Americans were getting, both today and in years past. I’m happy to say that while there are a lot of techies and doctors not surprisingly played by Asian Americans, there is a widening of “regular joe” roles, particularly for TV geared towards younger audiences. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the roles Asian Americans actors are getting these days. What do you think?

Who did I leave out? Please help.

The Doctors

Sandra Oh Asian Americans AAPI on TV television shows JadeLuckClub Jade Luck ClubSandra Oh, actually Canadian. Role: Dr. Cristina Yang on Grey’s Anatomy. 2005-currently.

Ming Na Wen Asian American Actress Actor JadeLuckClub ERMing Na Wen. Role: Dr. Jing-Mei “Deb” Chen on ER. She was on Season 1, Season 6 through 11. She went on to star in other successful TV shows such as Stargate Universe.

Charlyne Yi House Asian American Actor Actress JadeLuckClubCharlyne Amanda Yi. Role: Dr. Chi Park on House. 2004- currently. She joins House for season 8 in 2011. She had her own show, Inconceivable, in 2005 which lasted 2 episodes. She played Rachel Lu, co-founder of a fertility clinic.


With a Martial Arts Slant

Maggie Q Nikita Asian American Model Actor Actress JadeLuckClub Jade Luck ClubMargaret Denise Quigley or  Maggie Q. Role: Maggie Q in Nikita.  The series focuses on Nikita (Maggie Q), a woman who escaped from a secret government-funded organization known as Division and, after three-year hiding period, is back with schemes to bring down the organization. 2010-present.

Thuy Trang Asian American Actress Actor Martial Arts Action JadeLuckClub Jade Luck ClubThe late Thuy Trang is probably a familiar face to many children and young adults for her role as Trini Kwan, the original yellow ranger, in the hit youth television show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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Kelly Choi: New Host of Top Chef Masters. Love Her or Hate Her?

I hadn’t heard of  Kelly Choi from her TV show but I found her on Twitter. I’m surprised that I didn’t realize she’s a  new foodie host because my kids are obsessed with food shows both the competitions and the cake decorating ones. She’s the new host of Top Chef Masters and some gripe that she’s not a chef nor a cookbook author but was hired because she’s hot, hot, hot. Who can argue with that? She is hot! And kudos to her for that!

Kelly /Choi Top Chef Masters Host JadeLuckClub hot Asian American Models

Honestly, growing up I NEVER saw Asians on TV so it’s refreshing to have an Asian host hired for her looks though I suspect she brings much more to the table than that! And what I find so amusing is that while some say that she has been hired for her looks — ie.e she’s a bimbo — she happens to have a master’s degree from Columbia! That is an Asian upbringing for you. Even models must get a Master’s degree, no less from an Ivy League university!

Born in Seoul, Korea, Kelly is a former model, and won the Eite Modeling Agency’s “Look of the Year” contest, and has been voted as “One of the Sexiest New Yorkers” by the New York Post, and OK! Magazines’ “50 Sexy Singles.” Kelly’s 5’10” height landed her as a model with Ford Models. Kelly worked as a VJ for MTV Korea, as well as an entertainment reporter on the TV Guide Channel.

Eat Me Daily has an extensive post on her including a gossipy hater snipe attack.

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