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We Don’t Need You, Matt Damon, To Save Us!

We Don't Need You, Matt Damon, To Save Us!It is directed by Chinese film director Zhang Yimou. While it does feature a diverse cast, including Pedro Pascal, Jing Tian, Willem Dafroa and Andy Lau, Wu and many internet commentators were still outraged at the choice of Damon in the lead role.

Constance Wu on Facebook:

We Don't Need You, Matt Damon, To Save Us!

It cuts off, so the rest of the text is:

Why do you think it was so nice to see a nerdy white kid have a girl fall in love with him? Because you WERE that nerdy white kid who felt unloved. And seeing pictures in Hollywood’s stories made it feel possible. That’s why it moved you. That’s why it was a great story. Hollywood is supposed to be about making great stories. So make them.


The backlash is only the latest in mounting criticism Hollywood has faced for its lack of diversity.