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Why Asian Americans Are Coached to Achieve but NOT Suceed? The New Role Model: Jim Young Kim, President of Dartmouth College.

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There are stereotypes of Asians that wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a grain (or more) of truth to them: “Driving while Asian” i.e. bad drivers Students of EITHER classical violin or piano Math genius Music prodigy Glasses wearing dork Nerd Hopelessly uncoordinated and bad at sports Risk adverse Boring Bad dresser This is not to …

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Boston Mamas Blogger: Christine Koh, Choosing Creativity Over Science-y PhD

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Please welcome blogger extraordinaire Korean American Christine Koh, who, on the eve of her PhD in psychology, did a career change into a creative career that includes blogging, web design, and making cute babies. 1) Tell me about your family background. Where were your parents born? What do they do? Brothers or sisters? My parents were …

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The House of Suh: An Award Winning Movie of the True Story of an Asian American Dream Gone Terribly Awry…

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The House of Suh: A Good Son is Committed for Life Yoon Myung and Tai Sook Suh immigrated to America for a better life for their children, Andrew and Catherine. But their pursuit of happiness quickly became riddled with misfortune, culminating on September 25, 1993, when Andrew shot and killed his older sister’s fiancé of …

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