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Asian Inspired Decor: Chinese Garden Stools and Oh So Versatile!

Chinese garden stools are gorgeous, versatile and affordable. They also can play multiple roles, serving as extra seating, a side table, a garden seat, or object d’art to add a dash of Asian inspired decor into any room from bathrooms, outdoor living rooms to bedrooms and living rooms. I found a selection of Chinese ceramic garden stools to match up to these inspiration photos. What is your favorite?

Chinese Garden Stools JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club Asian Inspired Design

image from MerrimentStyle 

To do this yourself, how about these turquoise or celadon Chinese Garden Stools with carved out designs …

or ? Click on either Asian Garden Stool to view more closely at Amazon.

Chinese Garden Stool Asian Inspired Design JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

from CozyBliss

To try this at home, how about  an orange or lime green Chinese Garden Stool for a pop of color …

 or ?

Bedroom eclectic bedroom
To try this at home, how about a traditional blue and white Asian patterned Chinese Garden Stool …

Chinese Garden Stool Living Room Living Spaces Asian Inspired Decor Interior Design JadeLuckClub

image The Well Appointed House

DIY with an purple or should I say eggplant OR chartreuse Asian ceramic garden stool …

or ? Depends on the colors of your room, of course!

To view any Chinese Garden Stool at Amazon, please click on image of garden stool. The prices change a lot there too!


Asian Inspired Decor With Buddhas

How do you decorate with Buddhas? Who is Buddha anyway? These blogs inspire me to bring in Asian inspired decor by way of Buddha heads  subtlety into your living spaces. I think the Buddha imagery helps to remind me to take a deep breath, keep calm and carry on.

Asian Inspired Living Rooms

decorating with Asian touch Asian inspired living rooms Buddha JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

From Amanda Forrest design blog

To try this at home …

or? The actual Buddhas are much larger than shown to the left.


Click on any image of Buddha to view more closely or purchase  at Amazon.


Asian Inspired Bathrooms

I never thought of using a Buddha in a bathroom but I think it really works!

buddha bathroom JadeLuckClub Asian inpired decor design

Buddha in bathroom from blueporch.com via God in Design blog

To try this at home…

 or ?

 Asian Inspired Table Vignettes

I like this vignette!

Asian Table Buddha vignette Asian Inspired Design JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

from God in Design blog

To try at home …

 or ?


I find my Buddhas make great book ends. Do you use Buddhas as a decorating element in your home? Please share!

To view any Buddha more closely at Amazon, please click on Buddha head.


Best Asian Inspired Decor and DIY with One Special Element

Vera Wang Los Angeles House Harper's Bazaar JadeLuckClub

Image from Harper’s Bazaar. Photo Credit Douglas Freidman.

I posted previously on Vera Wang’s new, gorgeous Los Angeles Post Modern Minimalist house using photos from the real estate site. What’s so amazing is that now that Vera has moved in, she’s kept the decor minimalist but added that Asian tweak using just one accent piece. In this case, it’s an enormous bonsai tree.

With one key accent piece in mind, I searched for moderately priced pieces to bring an Asian element into any decor. What’s great about Asian inspired accents is how well they seem to work with any styles or periods. If you are DIY type, you can add an element of Asian home decor yourself using these photos for inspiration.

p.s More picture of Vera Wang’s house here and a post about her tiger mom upbringing here.


A bonsai plant makes an elegant and noticeable statement when it’s large, but smaller and more moderately priced trees can also do the trick. Perhaps you might think of a bonsai plant when you need to replace your houseplant?

 To view more closely or purchase at Amazon, please click on ANY image of item.

Chinese Garden Stools

I like to use these Asian Garden Stools in the living room as end tables. They also double as extra seating both indoors or out. A pop of color is an unexpected surprise.

To view more closely or purchase at Amazon, please click on ANY image of item.

Buddha Heads

I am very partial to Buddha heads. They make me feel calm.

To view more closely or purchase at Amazon, please click on ANY image of item.

One Piece of Furniture

A hint can be in the guise of furniture … and these pieces are quite reasonable.

To view more closely or purchase at Amazon, please click on ANY image of item.