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Erasing Asian American Achievement in Citibank Commercial by Replacing with Caucasian and African Americans UPDATED

Justin Lee Oliver Yeh Asian American MIT Students erased from Citicorp commercial JadeLuckClub

If you object to the erasing of Asian American Achievement by Citibank, please sign this petition:

Here’s the search result page for Citibank at Change.org.


I saw this on Racialicious, a great blog on the intersection of race and pop culture. It seems that Citibank made a commercial about a real story of two Asian American men used spit, chewing gum and sticks (ok just joking) to create a device to photograph near-space orbit.

“Two years ago, Justin Lee and Oliver Yeh, two Asian-American MIT students, made international headlines when they used inexpensive, readily available materials to photograph near-space orbit on a $150 budget. They describe their project here, and received national media coverage.” Racialious 

Great story, right? Citibank apparently thinks so and makes a commercial that apes this story BUT recasts the story removing the Asian Americans for two Caucasians and an African American males. AND the African American takes a back seat to the Caucasians. See here:

And yet, there is persistent media coverage portraying Asian Americans as techy, even nerdy. What do you make of this commercial? Should Citibank be allowed to “rewrite” history into its own racial preferences that erases the true identities of this very real achievement? Please comment!

Would you protest to Citibank? If so, talk to her:

Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Citi
Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, Women & Co., Citi

p.s. Wired: The $150 Edge-of-Space Camera: MIT Students Beat NASA on Beer-Money Budget

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