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Funniest Stand Up Comedians: Danny Cho

Danny Cho, Asian American Comedian, Asian American actor,Asian American Comedians

I was so impressed with Danny Cho, the writer behind K-Town Web Comedy Series K-Town Cowboys that I sought out his stand up. I’m glad I did because he’s FUNNY! This is his “clean” set. You gotta love a Korean American who grew up in East LA! He mines this experience of living in the hood with hilarious results. What’s next for Danny Cho? I hope big things!


If you are on the West Coast and want to see him live, here’s his touring schedule.


Sh** Asian Moms Say Video (Humor!)

Just Kidding Films Shit Asian Moms Say JadeLuckClub Jade Luck ClubMy brother-in-law who is not Asian sent this to my husband after he sent him Sh** Surfers Say. My brother-in-law is a surfer so this was in retaliation but it’s hilarious! This is from Just Kidding  Films.