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Best Asian Dolls for Asian American and Pacific Islander Little Girls

best asian doll for adopted asian chinese korean baby toddler jadeluckclub jade luck club asian doll familyI know I am too late for the December holidays … oops, that month was a blur! My girls were never that into dolls though we had our share of the American girls including the Asian American San Franciscan Julie. Still, it’s nice to know that there are a range of great Asian and Eurasian dolls at price points much below that of the American Girl Dolls. I’ve researched the best Asian dolls for children including doll families for doll houses.

In browsing all the doll choices at Amazon labeled Asian, I was struck by the multitude of Asian baby dolls for children. These did not exist when I was little. I wonder if this market niche will continue to grow as the Asian market overseas has more purchasing power? I was also surprised by the specificity of the dolls: Asian baby dolls with Down’s Syndrome (?!) and also Tipi from Laos. Interesting, huh? What do you think of all these choices? And, do your kids have a favorite Asian baby doll? Please share!


 To examine more closely or purchase, please click on ANY image of doll.


$42 (Asian doll with Down’s Syndrome)

$14 for the Asian Family, great for doll houses


$17 for entire extended family

$22 for a plastic Marvel family





$36 but she also teaches you to dress yourself

$25 Tipi is from Laos, interesting…

 $43 Barbie goes Geisha

$30 Barbie also goes to China

To examine more closely at Amazon or to purchase, please click on image of doll.