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Rising Chef Star: Eunice Feller Threw Down with Bobby Flay Over Boston Cream Pie

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I met Eunice and her husband Steve when they opened their first bakery cafe in Newton. It wasn’t hard to meet them; they were working there day and night, just the two of them. Eunice ran the kitchen and baked all night long and into the afternoon making spectacular delicious creations, even some with an Asian twist like her Hong Kong Ding Dong — think upscale Ding Dong flavored with Green Tea. Steve ran the front of the cafe, consistently pleasant and helpful despite working 24/7.

When I heard Eunice was on Throw Down with Bobby Flay for her justly famous Boston Cream Pie Cake, I was thrilled. Finally, they are getting the recognition they deserve. I expect Eunice to become a rising star not unlike Boston’s other celebrity Asian American pastry chef, Joanne Chang. There is plenty of room! With two outposts thriving in Newton AND a new baby, they are certainly as busy as ever. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

Here’s her bio:

Eunice Feller, chef & owner of Bread and Chocolate, is a graduate of the Professional Chef Program at The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts.  Graduating with honors, she was presented with the Young Professional Award from the prestigious L’Académie Brillat-Savarin for her “unparalleled dedication to the culinary arts and possessing the ‘fire in the belly’ to become one of tomorrow’s culinary stars”.

Eunice holds a BFA from Otis Parsons College of Art & Design and an MFA from the Claremont Graduate University.  Always seeking a creative outlet, her photographs adorn the café interior and this website. When not in the kitchen, she daydreams about traveling to Abruzzi.

best boston cream pie throw down bobby flay eunice feller bread and chocolate newton massachusetts jadeluckclub jade luck club

This is a write up on her Bobby Flay encounter:

Throw Down with Bobby Flay (Newton Tab)

“Bakery owners Eunice and Steve Feller not only opened a second store in Newton Highlands days after welcoming their son Dominic to the world, but they went head-to-head in a bake-off style competition with celebrity chef Bobby Flay for the Food Network show “Throwdown.

Although Flay won the bake-off on the show, after judges picked his pie over Bread & Chocolate’s, Eunice said the experience was worth it.

“He was very gracious though, he liked it very much,” said Eunice. “I don’t remember much of it because it was so ready, set, go and no stopping. And you’re in front of a live audience. My aim was to just make the cake.”

From the other side of the competition on camera, Eunice’s husband had another perspective.

“[Flay] was blown out of the water, there were times when the [network] staff were watching my wife and their jaws were dropping,” said Steve. “They were impressed by the preparation and the flavor of it.”

p.s. The recipe is here.


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