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An Asian Mom’s Assessment of K-Town The Reality Show

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I’ve watched 9 episodes of K-Town now, and I have to confess that my guilty pleasure is reality TV shows and celebrity trash magazines. I don’t watch them that often, but I used to watch The Hills obsessively when Lauren Conrad was on the show. I am greatly amused by Real Housewives of New York, Atlanta and Los Angeles but I hate the O.C. ones. (I grew up in the O.C.). My husband likes Jersey Shore and, back in the day, MTV’s Real World which started this whole mess of reality trash TV.

K-Town is the answer to The Model Minority Myth. Watch this show and you’ll agree that there is such a thing as Asian kids who are:

1) Illiterate (Thanks Scarlett! The “rice” in licorice is not pronounced as such. Read much?)

2) Sexy but Douchey (Thanks Jowe! It’s good to know that Asian men can be Old Spice Guy attractive but you take this vibe and turn it sleazy.)

3) Alcoholics (Thanks Steve! Your friends need to stage an intervention. Next stop for you should be Betty Ford. Once the alcoholic buzz fades, your friendships will make more sense as you seem to be in a constant state of confusion over who your real friends are.)

4) Liars (Thanks Jowe! Yes, it’s ironic that you’d lie to pick up chicks that you are a U.S.C. dental student — the very Tiger Parent dream your parents wished upon you. If you’d rather sell cell phones, just own it. No need to lie about it.)

5) Bad Ass Street Fighters (Thanks Violet! It wasn’t pretty when you dumped your drink on Janie when the real culprit was your ex-douchey boyfriend, Jowe. Janie was an innocent bystander. Was that cat fight for ratings? If so, it worked. A little at least. But it made you look desperate.)

My favorite “character” is Young, as a struggling hip hop dancer who parties too hard in support of his friends and misses his big audition. He redeems himself by dancing up a storm at Asian Night Dance Night but I was disappointed to see more Michael Jackson moves than Young moves. I think your choreography needs to be sharpened up. Next stop for you? I’d love to see you on So You Think You Can Dance or Dancing With The Stars but seriously, is there really a career in dance as a male isn’t an actor or singer? What is your future? Back up dancer? Dance instructor? I hope you have more ancillary performing arts talent but you’re coming across as kind, supportive and a person of integrity. Perhaps you can move back to Korea as a celebrity spokesperson/soap opera actor type.

Cammy gets a bum rap. They use her as a sex pot for her amazingly body in promo shots but there’s absolutely no story line for her! Same for Jasmine. And Violet’s story line is too Jowe dominant. I’d rather see more of her as a single mom.

I’d also like to get glimpses into their Tiger Parents. Steve’s story is fascinating; parents who married without love that turned into rancorous hatred of the silent kind. It explains his relationship issues but I’d like to see him evolve into a more fully formed emotionally intact person capable of a real relationship with … the love under his nose, best friend CAMMY! Can you please mine this story line?

And where’s Joe’s girlfriend that he supposedly has? Let’s meet her! And Young’s fiance too! Why does Joe hang out with all these younger friends? Is club promotion a full time job? It seems like fellow club promotor, Rachel Uchitel, had a side gig to make ends meet.

Some interesting side notes:

  • When I posted my post on LinkedIn Korean MBAs Working in the U.S., they demanded that I stop posting this kind of trash. They had no problems with anything else I had ever posted before. I think they find K-Town The Reality Show to be … trashy.
  • K-Town has 8,700 Facebook LIKES. Sadly, perhaps Hollywood is right? No one wants to see an Asian American Reality Show? That’s not good so please LIKE even if you don’t actually like or watch the web reality series.
  • K-Town Views on YouTube. At nearly 1 million views for the trailer, that’s not bad!
  • K-Town on Twitter. Oops, at close to 3000 followers, I have way more than you K-Town. That’s not good!
I think it’s important for a show like K-Town to go viral if we want to see more Asian Americans in the media being portrayed realistically, rather than stereotypes. Reality TV might just be the toe hold into the game, just like winning Survivor put Yul Kwon on the map.

What do you think?

Season Finale: K-Town the Reality Show, Episode 10

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2 thoughts on “An Asian Mom’s Assessment of K-Town The Reality Show”

  1. I love K-Town! This series of episodes focused on the characters night lives and what the Asian club scene is like…I hope next they can show the characters daily life. Despite the heavy drinking and the subsequent scenes of bad behavior, the characters were thoughtful, reflective and best of all expressive about their behavior.

    Posted by Susan Miyabe – Sugimoto

    From my LinkedIn Group Asian American Leadership Network

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