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K-Town: Jersey Shore Reality Show Features Korean Americans UPDATED

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K-Town, Asian Jersey Shore, Korean Jersey Shore, KTownAsian American Reality Show Doesn’t Make TV

I have to admit that these reality TV shows are my guilty pleasure though I have weaned myself off The Real Housewives of New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta, after battling an addition to The Hills but only for the seasons with Lauren Conrad. Now, reality TV show free, I am afraid that K-Town has the same mesmerizing attraction. It could be that I worked in K-Town for 3 years and then lived in Los Angeles, venturing back for the Korean food and clubbing a couple of time. But I never really knew K-Town.

There’s an highbrow analysis of this show as well. On the one hand, a show that portrays Asian Americans as individuals instead of stereotypes is a good thing even if this version shows the good, the bad and the ugly. Actually, there is very little ugly involved. The cast is well toned and attractive. Finally, Asian American males, in particular, are shown as sexy.

Others in the Asian Community might object to the fact that the cast is not of a Tiger Mom ilk, but there is no doubt that this is pure entertainment. And I hope everyone tunes in, if only to criticize. If this show can get a following, it will bode well for future shows with Asian American characters outside of the narrow bandwidth we see now: bad guys, kung fu masters, nerds and FOB waiters.

The first two episodes are below. Believe me, I searched for the episode three but it’s not out yet. I’m hooked. If you want notification of new episodes, go here. The Facebook page is here. Let me know what you think! Please leave a comment!

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 1

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 2

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 3

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 4

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 5

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 6

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 7

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 8

K-Town Reality Show, Episode 9

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7 thoughts on “K-Town: Jersey Shore Reality Show Features Korean Americans UPDATED”

  1. Watched both episodes…actually reminded me of my youthful days when too much alcohol muddles the brain. However, I did enjoy the realistic portrayal of Korean Americans, as one can see, they were not in the library studying the entire time. It seems that there is some scripting, because I don’t see Jasmine as being the type of girl to be mean to someone at a club, no matter how much alcohol she drinks, from what I see, she seems like a kind, good natured girl. I was also surprised to see Violet pour the drink over the girls head, but then again, alcohol can make people do weird things. Thanks for sharing, I’m going to look for EP#3 too!

    Posted by Susan Miyabe – Sugimoto

    From my LinkedIn Group Asian American Leadership Network

  2. I also think that some of the drama is encouraged or even scripted in to make the show more entertaining. That being said, if the Web Series gets traction, it can also be a vehicle to showcase Asian American musicians, dancers and more.

  3. Definitely, Mia, as this group are already high influencers in K-Town in Los Angeles. It still bothers me that women always take it out on the other women when their men flirt, Violet should have poured the drink over the “Prince of K-Town’s” head!

    Posted by Susan Miyabe – Sugimoto

  4. I totally agree with you. The girl did nothing wrong; it wasn’t her fault Prince of K-Town was hitting on her. New episode out today! I’m going to watch it right now.

  5. Please stop posting BS nonsense trash like this on a professional website.

    Posted by Yong Cho

    From my LinkedIn Group Korean MBAs Working in US

  6. Mia, I’m hooked. Saw Ep#3 can hardly wait for #4. I hope a Cable channel or someone picks this up, especially with the increasing number of Asian Americans … this would be a great show for them to advertise to a targeted audience.

    Posted by Susan Miyabe – Sugimoto

  7. it definitely is addicting like all the network reality shows. It would be great for it to get enough of an audience to validate that an Asian American show can be wildly popular.

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