Model Minority, Do the Math, Documentary film, trailer, JadeLuckClub, Jade Luck Club

Model Minority: Do the Math. The Myth and The Consequences.

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Model Minority, Do the Math, Documentary film, trailer, JadeLuckClub, Jade Luck Club

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By co-producers, Teja Arboleda and Darby Li Po Price.

Model Minority: Do the Math reveals the impact of the model minority myth on the experiences and perspectives of Asian American (AA) college students. The myth is a complex and contradictory stereotype of AAs as academic over-achievers. While many believe the stereotype is positive, it causes many problems. Asian Americans are overlooked for affirmative action and academic assistance. Tracked by parents, counselors, and social expectations to excel in math-intensive fields, despite their preferences, they struggle to balance personal goals and mental health. 

The myth diverts attention from systematic structural racism by emphasizing individualism, and pitting AAs against other groups. Viewed as too competitive and taking over colleges, AAs face racial resentment, discrimination, and hate crimes. Model Minority overcomes misconceptions of AA students.

Model Minority timely coincides with national priorities and debates on how to increase educational performance and economic participation. It engages school reform, equal opportunity, multiculturalism, race, parenting, and democracy.
We will compare the experiences and perspectives of AA college students, faculty, and staff of various ethnic backgrounds in Boston, Chicago, Berkeley and Oakland. In Chicago and Boston, AA students and communities are less numerous, and less integrated into campus curriculum and life than in Berkeley and Oakland. The narrator will reveal connections between personal stories and the myth.

Outcomes: To increase understanding of how the model minority myth impacts AAs. Increase knowledge of the diversity of AA experiences, viewpoints, aspirations, abilities, and needs. Include AAs in debates about educational reform, equal opportunity, and affirmative action.

Model Minority Myth – Workshops

In conjunction with using the documentary in the classroom, consider having us facilitate discussion on your campus or workplace.

In The Works

Recently presented at Univ Chicago, IL, November 1st, and at the National Association for Multicultural Education national conference, in Chicago, on November 3rd. 2011.
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Here’s another video on same topic:

In Chapter 8 of 18, Korean American Community Foundation ( executive director Kyung Yoon shares why it is so important to disspell the Asian-American model minority myth. As a stereotype, the myth misleads communities, limiting need awareness, leading to resource allocation shortfalls. View more at

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