Michelle Obama First Lady in Maria Pinto people of color designers JadeLuckClub

Michelle Obama Supports Asian American and People of Color Fashion Designers

Asian Am Designers

Michelle Obama Doo.Ri JadeLuckClubThis is not an accident. Michelle Obama uses fashion to make a statement. That statement is that she supports fashion designers of color, particularly those who are up and coming. In fact, by wearing people of color designs, Michelle Obama’s star power elevates them into the limelight, which is the power of a First Lady’s fashion statement if you consider Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

All images from New York Magazine, The Cut.

p.s. Did I leave out any people of color fashion designers? If so, can you please leave me a comment and I’ll add. Thank you!

Doo.Ri Chung

Michelle Obama Doo.Ri JadeLuckClub

 Maria Cornejo

Zero + Maria Cornejo Michelle Obama people of color latina american designers dress first lady JadeLuckClubmaria cornejo zero plus michelle obama jadeluckclub latino latina american fashion designers

Prabal Gurung 

Prabal Gurung Michelle Obama supports young american designers of color Jade Luck ClubPrabal Gurung Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub fashion statement to promote designers of colorPrabal Gurung Michelle Obama Jade Luck Club asian american designers

Naeem Kahn

Naeem Kahn Michelle Obama savvy designer clothing makes political statement JadeLuckClubNaeem Kahn dresses Michelle Obama first lady jadeluckclubNaeem Kahn Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub supporting people of color first lady

Derek Lam

Michelle Obama Derek Lam Fashion Designers of Color Asian American JadeLuckClub

Kai Milla

Michelle Obama Kai Milla Full Green Dress JadeLuck

Duro Olowu

Michelle Obama in Duro Olowu people of color fashion designers JadeLuckClubDuro Olowu fashion designer of color Michelle Obama First Lady JadeLuckClubMichelle Obama Duro Oluwu First Lady Makes Fashion Statement JadeLuckClubDuro Olowu Michelle Obama South Africa designer JadeLuckClub political statement through designer clothesMichelle Obama Duro Olowu JadeLuckClubDuro Olowu dresses Michelle Obama a lot jadeluckclub favorite designers of Michelle ObamaDuro Oluwu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub favorite designers of first ladies

Thakoon Panichgul

Thakoon Panichgul dresses MIchelle Obama JadeLuckClub Asian American Fashion designersMichelle Obama in Thakoon JadeLuckClubThakoon Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubThakoon JadeLuckClub Michelle Obama favorite designersThakoon Michelle Obama people of color asian american designers Jade Luck clubThakoon Michelle Obama Jade LUCK CLUB

Maria Pinto

Michelle Obama First Lady in Maria Pinto people of color designers JadeLuckClub

Narcisco Rodriguez

Michelle Obama in Narcisco Rodriguez JadeLuckClubMichelle Obama in Narcisco Rodriguez JadeLuckClub.com Celebrating Asian American CreativityMichelle Obama Narcisco Rodriguez dresses first lady latino power americanNarcisco Rodriguez Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubNarcisco Rodriguze Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubNarcisco Rodriguez Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy Michelle Obama jadeluckclub asian american designersMichelle Obama in Rachel Roy Jade Luck Club blogMichelle Obama wears Rachel Roy African American Designers JadeLuckClubRachel Roy michelle obama jadeluckclubRachel Roy dresses Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub favorite designers of first ladyRachel Roy Michelle Obama favorite designers of first lady Jade Luck ClubRachel Roy dresses Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub

Peter Som

Michelle Obama in Peter Som People of color designers JadeLuckClubPeter Som Michelle Obama first lady fashion makes statement JadeLuckClubPeter Som Michelle Obama first lady fashions supports asian african latino american designers jadeluckclubPeter Som dresses Michelle Obama JadeLuckclubPeter Som dresses first Lady of United States Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubPeter Som and Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubPeter Som Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub


Michelle Obama in skirt by Suno JadeLuckClub first lady makes fashion statement about people of colorMichelle Obama First Lady in Suno like Jackie Onassis jadeluckclubSuno Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub best asian american people of color fashion designers first ladySuno Jade Luck Club dresses first lady Michelle Obama and kids

Isabel Toledo

Michelle Obama in Isabel Toledo people of color fashion designers Jade Luck ClubIsabel Toledo Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Michelle Obama jeans Rachel Roy Jacket JadeLuckClub

Jason Wu

Jason Wu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubMichelle Obama in Jason Wu jadeluckclubJason Wu Michelle Obama First Lady Fashions Jade Luck ClubJason Wu and Michelle Obama Jade Luck ClubJason Wu Michelle Obama dress Jade Luck ClubJason Wu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubJason Wu and Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubJason Wu Michelle Obama jade luck club best asian american designers fashion

Hanii Y

Michelle Obama and Hanii Y cardigan JadeLuckClub


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