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K-Town, The Reality Show: Season 2

Asian in America

Season 2: K-Town, The Reality Show

The rise of Korean Power. Does Gangnam style make K-Town The Reality Show more relevant somehow? New kids join the fray: Jasmine’s sister, Joe’s girlfriend, Young’s wife and more. I think the food is the best part. The K-Town crew eat well and it makes me hungry!

Season 2, Episode 1: They’re Back

Young takes a job in Guam, the K-Town crew to throw his LA wedding in a week, Steve’s the best man, Audrey Magazine Fashion Show. More fighting and drunkenness.


Season 2, Episode 2: I Am King

Tacky couple of the week, Young’s wedding, more stupid drinking games, a new hairstyle for Steve and we meet Violet’s son. Girls at the gun range.


Season 2, Episode 3: Friendly Fire

The juvenile show: they get drunk and fight with each other. It starts with Scarlet and Jasmine fighting and then everyone gets dragged into it. Fighting all around. This gets boring. Jowe is an ass again; could his ego be any bigger? It’s certainly larger than his brain. Beer bong antics. Young regrets giving up his dance dream. I hope he doesn’t move to Guam. He’s the soul of the show.


Season 2, Episode 4: The Bachelor Party

Young’s bachelor party. One word for the K-Town bachelors hitting on girls: awkward! Tacky Asian Couple of the week revenge. Steve loses it again after Joe’s girlfriend Jessica calls Steve a loser. An unimpressive drunken girl slap fight.


Season 2, Episode 5: From Bad to Worse

The only intelligent thing Steve has ever said: Bachelor Party from Hell. Jessica has an ultimatum for Joe: Her or Jowe. Scarlet shows Soyoung some stripper dance moves. Steve crossed Jasmine when he kisses a girl at the bar. Steve is drunk again. Could he be more idiotic? I think not.

Season 2, Episode 6: Here Comes the Bride

Violet and Jessica make up, sort of. Jowe’s not well endowed. Why does Joe wear headbands anyway? Steve is getting his Mohawk removed. So ironic that Young is the most mature of them all. I mean, his name is Young. He is the only guy who doesn’t have commitment issues in this dysfunctional group. Joe is smart not to take relationship advice from Steve and Jowe. Signature cocktail emergency (Steve to blame, shocker!).

Season 2, Episode 7: Till Death Do Us Part

Young is so sweet. He loves Soyoung so much and she looks so beautiful! Andrew Garcia performed beautifully. Everything is going so well! Maid of Honor Toast. Scarlet gave a lovely toast. Best Man Toast. Steve is nervous but not drunk (at least I hope not). That’s the good news. He has notes. Good sign! It appears to be a multi-part speech. I suppose it could be worse. Joe has to intervene and take the mike away from Steve. Is Joe going next? He’s been doing a lot of thinking … We need an encore after Steve interrupts. Joe has something important to say … Stay tuned. More drama!

I think this is the end of K-Town The Reality Show. It just didn’t seem to get an momentum. The numbers for Facebook Likes and YouTube views keep dropping show by show. A more interesting plot would have helped. Diving deeper beyond drunken fighting would have been my preference. What’s next for the cast?


Advice for Cast in 2013

Joe: Hire a personal stylist and lose the headband. Forget wedding planning and focus on Corporate Events. Start with companies based in K-Town.

Steve: Join a 12-Step Program or check into Betty Ford Center. Lose the Mohawk Peter Pan! Stop drinking. You can ill afford to lose any more brain cells.

Scarlet: Get a sales job in a male oriented industry. Clean up your mouth and start in phone sales or as a sales associate and work your way up. You have the potential to make a lot of $$ in sales!

Violet: Your new white boyfriend looks nice. Stick with him and lose the Tacky Asian Couple of the Week feature on your blog. Replace with K-Town street fashion to highlight looks you like. This is not the time to make more enemies.

Jasmine and Christine: Work together to do more weddings/hair/make-up as a sibling company. You both have your entrepreneurial act together. Use this publicity to further your businesses

Jowe: Karma is a bitch. You will need to get a penile implant and pose for Playgirl now that the cat is out of the bag. Or just man up and say What You Get is What You Get and You Don’t Get Upset.

Young and Soyoung: Move to Guam and get your own spin off show. Leave these losers behind. They are dragging you down. Remember your big dance audition that you slept though? That might have changed your carer path! You’ll never know!

Jessica: You break up with Joe and you are off the show. Think that one over carefully.


Try Little Pim for Free.

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2 thoughts on “K-Town, The Reality Show: Season 2”

  1. This is a very slapped-together post. Four of the videos are repeated and your career advice to the cast is oddly stereotypical for a blog that aims to dispel them. You’re asking the cast to drop their individuality (headband, potty mouth, mohawk) so they can have a leg-up in the work force. I get that you’re trying to be witty but the snark falls short on this one.

    1. Hi Donny,
      Sorry about the videos that were duplicated. I had some trouble cutting and pasting from the videos straight from Facebook. I redid it from YouTube and that seemed to work better. Not sure why but thanks for pointing that out. As for the cast’s individuality:
      1) It’s not Steve’s Mohawk that I object to so much as his alcoholism and his Peter Pan syndrome. This group enables his alcoholism and he really does have a problem.
      2) Scarlett’s potty mouth is fine on camera but she’s having trouble finding a job that has the same potential as stripping. I do really think she’d be great in sales and should pursue that. There’s nothing sadder than a middle aged stripper. It’s not a career path with longevity.
      3) Joe’s headband just looks like a 80s flashback but again, it’s more about his career. He wants to expand his club promoting business but wedding planning is not the right move for him. You saw his wedding cake disaster. Corporate events, though, are more similar to club promoting. PR events are basically the same thing.

      Yes, I am prone to giving out career advice coming from a background in staffing. As I watch this reality show progress, it becomes less and less amusing and more apparent that some of these kids are going to crash and burn if they don’t start to make better decisions. Again, this is the parent in me. I’d love to see a show where we get a sense of their parents and how they feel about their kids.

      I have to say that my blog was celebrating Asian American creativity and I had high hopes for this show to showcase Asian Americans as “actors” with potential to use this platform (albeit with low visibility to be sure) to further their careers in a similar way that Yul Kwon was able to leverage his Survivor win into a new career path. I’m looking for new Asian American role models. These guys are more cautionary tales.

      It’s very disappointing to see just a bunch of drunk kids constantly fighting over something stupid. Wearing a headband, cursing and sporting a Mohawk is not the mark of creative success or an expression of creativity either. These are more emblems of immaturity. I would LOVE to see a show where the cast does a real intervention for Steve about his alcohol problem.

      But thank you for your comment. I appreciate your feedback and you have a fair point that the snark falls short. I am just so disappointed in most of these kids in the cast. You can just see the train about to wreck and it’s painful to watch.

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