Katie Holmes Jeanne Yang Holmes and Yang best Asian American stylist designer JadeLuckClub

Katie Holmes Stylist Partner: Jeanne Yang of Holmes & Yang

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Katie Holmes Jeanne Yang Holmes and Yang best Asian American stylist designer JadeLuckClub

Jeanne Yang of Holmes & Yang is widely recognized as a top stylist to Hollywood A Listers including Katie Holmes. A graduate of Scripps College, Yang began her career in fashion at Detour Magazine, as Managing Editor and Associate Publisher. There, she put unknowns on the cover including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, and Cameron Diaz. From Detour, Jeanne left to become Senior Fashion Designer for the clothing label Product.  After two years at Product, she left to do freelance styling.

In InStyle magazine, she said that growing up she wanted to be “a senator or a UN ambassador. Quite the 180!” I love that about her!

Holmes and Yang Jeanne Yang JadeLuckClub

To see the Hollywood stars on the red carpet or on magazine covers that she styled, go here. Her roster includes:

Al Pacino
Amanda Seyfried
Anjelina Jolie
Anne Hathaway
Anthony Hopkins
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Benecio Del Toro
Brad Pitt
Bradley Cooper
Camilla Belle
Carla Gugino
Carrie Underwood
Catherine Zeta Jones
Christian Bale
Christina Hendricks
Demi Moore
Denzel Washington
Diane Keaton
Dustin Hoffman
Ellen Barkin
Ewan McGregor
George Clooney
Gong Li
Holly Hunter
Jack Black
Jack Nicholson
Jake Gyllenhaal
Javier Bardem
Jessica Biel
Katie Holmes

“Just days after Katie Holmes debuted her latest fall 2011 collection for her label Holmes & Yang—the line she designs with stylist Jeanne Yangactress Malin Akerman wore one of her new designs on the red carpet! The actress attended the Los Angeles premiere of Sucker Punch on Thursday wearing a simple long red dress, a look that is part of the new Holmes & Yang collection. While the dress won’t be in stores until fall, the current spring collection for the label just dropped at Barneys.com.” In Style Magazine

Holmes & Yang JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club In Style Magazine

What do you think of the Holmes and Yang line? Here are some items from Barneys.

Holmes and Yang Blouse JadeLuckClubCute but pricey at $715

Holmes and Yang 2012 JadeLuckClubCriss-Cross dress, $2350

Holmes and Yang JadeLuckClub best Asian American stylist designerSuit Jacket, $2950

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4 thoughts on “Katie Holmes Stylist Partner: Jeanne Yang of Holmes & Yang”

  1. I saw some of Holmes & Yang’s stuff on the Barney’s store website after googling “Holmes and Yang.” I didn’t think much of the designs on Barney’s website and thought it way overpriced. However, if the above pics of Katie Holmes and the actress in the red dress are wearing Holmes and Yang’s pieces, then the clothes look better when worn on the body. On the body, the clothes are very nice. If not on the body, then the clothes look like nothing special at all.

    1. Hi BlinkK,
      I think you are right that the clothes need to be tried on versus on the hanger. They are pretty expensive though but maybe worth the splurge as the perfect basic. I don’t need a work wardrobe so it doesn’t fit my lifestyle but I like the pieces in terms of versatility and style. Would you ever try them on to check them out?

  2. Actually, they look like mostly simply-designed pieces you’d get a lot of wear out of. The designs are simple but have a bit of a twist and seem to feature very nice fabrics. When I first looked at it, I thought blah. But after looking a second time, I think they are simple, sophisticated, and wearable. But maybe still overpriced. But I’m not a high-end shopper.

    1. Hi BlinkK,
      I’m not a high-end shopper either especially since I work from home. Let me know if you get a chance to try them on and if you like them. Now, I’m curious to see the transformation from hanger to body!

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