Henry Lin boy genius, Henry Lin young physicist, Henry Lin TEDTalk

Henry Lin Boy Genius

Asian Am Scientists

Henry says, “Incidentally, TED came up with the title which is very slick but slightly misleading, as I never talk about individual galaxies. Oh well, I’ll deal with it.”

Henry Lin boy genius, Henry Lin young physicist, Henry Lin TEDTalk

At 17, Henry Lin won an Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award of $50,000for his mathematical models of distant galaxy clusters. By simulating thousands of clusters of galaxies, Henry has provided scientists with valuable new data, allowing them to better understand the mysteries of astrophysics: dark matter, dark energy and the balance of heating and cooling in the universe’s most massive objects.

Why you should listen to Henry Lin’s TEDTalk

Henry Lin studies the very hot, very large and very strange — that is, distant galaxy clusters. (Obviously.) Lin, who matriculated at Harvard University in the fall of 2013, thinks we can learn a lot about astrophysics by studying these giant celestial bodies. In early 2013 he won the Intel Foundation Young Scientist Award, the second-highest award at the Intel Science Fair, for his models of far-away galaxies. Lin is a graduate of Caddo Magnet High School in Shreveport, Louisiana.

Henry Lin Answers Questions on Quora:

How can something defy the laws of physics?

Nothing that is under the laws of physics can defy the laws of physics. What are things outside the laws of physics? Well, all of our laws of limitations. For example, newton’s law of universal gravitation does not explain black holes. One could say that black holes defy the laws of physics, but actually black holes do not lie under newtonian mechanics – they lie under general relativity. Of course, even the best science may not be able to explain everything – for example we may never be able to definitely say what is past the observable universe but it doesn’t really matter because that is past the realm of science.

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