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Eyes, Eyes, Eyes Plastic Surgery… Racial Self Hatred or Globalization Image of Beauty? And Asian Trophy Wives. Two Sides of the Coin?

Asian in America

du juan asian image of beauty and plastic surgery jadeluckclub jade luck clubWhy is a pretty face a Western one for this 12-year-old Korean girl? Is this the result of globalization for Asians in China and Korea? Apparently plastic surgery for girls to look more Caucasian is quite common and accepted. Eyes, nose, teeth and even  snipping a muscle under the tongue for toddlers so clearer enunciation is normal. Have the Tiger Moms in Asia gone amok?

What about Asian Americans? Is this racial self hatred? Are Asians the only ones who have defined beauty by a Caucasian standard? It seems not… Satoshi Kanazawa of Psychology Today wrote a post called, “Why Are Black Women Less Physically Attractive Than Other Women?” It was roundly condemned, his research methodology faulted,  and has since been removed from the site, but you can read it here. There is an interesting side note on his post: “Mr. Kanazawa has made a career out of explaining why Asians are biologically smarter, African-Americans are biologically inferior, and why nuking the middle east is a good idea. Rather than being confined to Stormfront, however, he’s given an article in Psychology Today.”

Black Women Ugly? Says Who? on CNN.com  is a reaction to this article and the author took offense, naturally, but he sheds some light onto this whole idea of race self hatred/brain washing of a certain ideal of beauty:

“I question a methodology that asks random people to judge the attractiveness of other random people without taking into account the influence of background and culture. Without taking into account a Westernized standard of beauty that has not only haunted some black women into buying cream to bleach their skin but prompted some Asian-Americans to undergo surgery to make their eyes more European looking.

That’s not to say white skin or round eyes are necessarily unattractive. Rather, a system that declares one set of physical attributes as the standard to which a multiethnic society must adhere is destructive.”

There it is again … white skin  & round eyes = attractive.

The little girl below is on the CNN video here but the funny thing is that I didn’t even notice a difference in her appearance until I studied it very carefully.

asian girls plastic surgery for eyes to look western not asian jadeluckclub jade luck club racial self hatred

On the flip side, my husband sent me this article on Asian trophy wives. Nicknamed the Woody Allen effect, it seems that media barons are now getting in on the act of acquiring highly accomplished and beautiful Asian “Trophy Wives”:  “Rupert Murdoch walked down the aisle with fresh-faced Wendi Deng — 17 days after finalizing his divorce from his second wife. Then, CBS head Leslie Moonves wed TV news anchor Julie Chen; Oscar winner Nicolas Cage married half-his-age third wife Alice Kim; billionaire George Soros coupled up with violinist Jennifer Chun; and producer Brian Grazer courted concert pianist Chau-Giang Thi Nguyen. Add the nuptials of investment magnate Bruce Wasserstein to fourth wife Angela Chao and the pending vows between venture capitalist Vivi Nevo and Chinese actress Ziyi Zhang, and we’ve got a curious cultural ripple.”

What do you think of this whole notion of Asian beauty? And how do we change the definition of beauty into a multi cultural view? Is that even possible?

p.s. Here is a slow motion video of Wendi Deng protecting her husband from a shaving pie throwing assailant. Her fast reflexes as an ex-volleyball star came into play as she knocks it away. Some think she smacked the assailant, but even in slow mo, it’s hard to tell. Go Wendi! The video link is to the Wall Street Journal.

p.p.s. Asian super models at New York Fashion Week. The many faces (and eye shapes) of Asian beauty.

du juan asian image of beauty and plastic surgery jadeluckclub jade luck clubDu Juan, Chinese Super Model

Hye Park Korean Supermodel Asian definition of beauty plastic surgery eyes jadeluckclubHye Park, Korean Super Model

Ai Tominaga Japanese super model jadeluckclubAi Tomenaga, Japanese Super Model

Tao Okamoto Japanese super model asian definition of beauty jadeluckclub jade luck club http://JadeLuckClub.com celebrating asian american creativity empowering asian americansTao Okamoto, Japanese Super Model

Mey Bun Cambodian super model jade luck club jadeluckclubMey Bun, Cambodian Super Model

Ujiwala raut indian super model defining asian beauty plastic surgery for asian eyes jadeluckclubUjjwala Raut, Indian Super Model

Juliana Imai portuguese eurasian super model supermodel jadeluckclubJuliana Imai, Portuguese/Japanese Super Model

Anne Watanabe japanese super model jadeluckclubAnne Watanabe, Japanese Super Model

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15 thoughts on “Eyes, Eyes, Eyes Plastic Surgery… Racial Self Hatred or Globalization Image of Beauty? And Asian Trophy Wives. Two Sides of the Coin?”

  1. Great article. I’m so sad when I hear about Asians getting plastic surgery to look more Western. I feel the same way about Asians dying their hair blond. I just don’t see why they do it. Asians have beautiful hair, and I just feel like we should be proud to be Asian.

  2. It’s interesting whenever we talk about people of color and altering appearances that it goes straight into internalized racism. Which I agree with. And my experience being Black/Asian is too bad you have the curly hair and the hooded eyelid and yes I’ve had people suggest both eye surgery and hair straightening.
    But an African-American friend and I were having a discussion about hair weave and she asked why is that White women can change their appearances without question. And it made me think, so while there are probably some deep rooted issues of racism and sexism and that people of color do have to strongly question why they are alternating their appearances. And surgery in fact is taking it to another level. I just wanted to throw in that it’s also White privilege to have the ability to change your hair color, where contacts of another color, even get nose jobs without anyone questioning how much pride in your ethnicity. I just have to catch myself that every time I see a blonde Asian or Black person with weave that don’t automatically judge that they are conforming to some societal idea of beauty, but they may be expressing something they want to do in that moment.

    1. To Marie,
      What a great and insightful comment you made! I also applaud your open mindedness. You are a great role model. Thank you for your comment!

      I was also remembering from reading The Saturdays written in the 40s that curly hair was desirable and blonde, straight hair was described by Mona the eldest as “nasty, straight stuff” of her own hair.

      Pretty funny today, right? Everyone wants straight hair. The vagaries of fashion and media want me to push a message of self acceptance. We females are the toughest critics of our own bodies. Even super models feel insecure. It’s not easy but let’s all try to accept our own bodies for being uniquely us and pretty amazing at that!

  3. We Asians will wear makeup to have an American look because we– like all women– make efforts to attract what we feel are the “top” eligible fellows. (i.e. mostly eye makeup). For some, those who might feel more desperate– they will go to the extent of surgery for permanent “alteration.” This negates our Asian eyes forever, and lets us feel that the door is more open to Westerners. (Again mainly the males). It’s only human to want to be part of the Most Desirable Crowd, and to achieve this within our social crowd,our marriage,etc. Even Caucasians will dye their hair blonde– feeling that this is the moniker of Evanka Trump, the Ct. country club look, etc. Everyone wants to be recognized as “part of the top group.” It’s just a human feeling

  4. I know we have to have something to write and talk about, but this is a tempest in a teapot.

    Beauty is beauty. I happen to prefer Chinese beauty. But it has as much to do with the interior characteristics I adore in my Chinese women friends as it does the physical and racial ones.

    What is wrong with having a racial preference anyway? What is the saying, “the heart wants what it wants and reason knows not why?”

    Also, cross-racial-religious-ethnic unions are so common today, how is does such a pat observation even rise to the level of a “cultural ripple?”

    1. To Marc,
      My point of this post was more my surprise that young Asians abroad were getting parental approved platic surgery at a young age to look more “Western.”. It’s sad and unnecessary but then you could say that about foot binding too.

    1. Hi HH,
      Some Asians have eyelids that don’t crease so they get platic surgery to get the lid to crease which also makes the eye rounder. This round eye is perceived to be a Caucasian eye.

  5. I agre with many of the posts here but just adding my 2 cents.
    Some of the asian girls I have met was 1 girl had one double fold lid and the other was not. So Doctor gave her a choice to make one like the other and she chose to keep her asian lids more like asian. YAY!!!! made me happy.

    Flip side I know white girl who got a face lift so that she can look more asian.
    And for you asian wonder how that would look? Just let me say that it does not look good at all and her nose looks like Michael Jackson nose where the 2 holes are triangles….LOL sad. And as for trophie wives sure hat happens but I did meet a white dude who talked more soft and dainty than the average asian woman and he just wanted someone who spoke as soft spoken as he was and he was not gay. He was just a very sensative guy who maybe had a rough childhood. So similar mindset I can understand that. I know no tiger lady would date him thats for sure.

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  7. Hello, yes I agree that there are many Asians who had surgery for their double eyelids… Especially in Korea. But it doesnt mean that every Asians who has double eyelids has done surgery. Many of us have really big eyes naturally 🙂 …

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