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Surrogacy in India, A Story of An American Couple in Search of a Baby


Made in India is a documentary film that looks at the  complex journey of international surrogacy. Is this the next frontier of off-shore outsourcing? “Made in India,” the story of an infertile American couple, an Indian surrogate and the reproductive outsourcing business that brings them together, is a documentary featured in PBS NEWSHOUR’s ongoing series looking …

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Ivy Gate How to Get Into an Ivy League College Humor JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

How to Get Into an Ivy League College: Many a Truth Has Been Said in Jest (Humor)

Don't ID as Asian for College Humor

 This is a funny post from Ivy Gate Blog, How To Get Into An Ivy League School: A Step-by-Step Guide Featuring Testimony From a Real, Live Silver-Spoon Legacy and a Racial Minority! by Maureen O’Connor, but many a truth has been said in jest. Namely: 3. Exploit your minority status, hide your white background, avoid being Asian.Espenshade …

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Why Asian Americans Are Coached to Achieve but NOT Suceed? The New Role Model: Jim Young Kim, President of Dartmouth College.

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There are stereotypes of Asians that wouldn’t exist if there wasn’t a grain (or more) of truth to them: “Driving while Asian” i.e. bad drivers Students of EITHER classical violin or piano Math genius Music prodigy Glasses wearing dork Nerd Hopelessly uncoordinated and bad at sports Risk adverse Boring Bad dresser This is not to …

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Joseph Altuzarra JadeLuckClub Top 10 Asian American Fashion Designers

Top 10: Best Asian American Fashion Designers. Who Will be Next? UPDATED

Asian Am Designers Top 10 Lists

The newest Asian American Fashion Wunderkind is Joseph Altazarra. His ethnicity is a bit under the radar but he’s half French-Basque (father) and half Chinese American (mother). It’s a good looking combination! He studied art history at Swarthmore College then interned for Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy despite not having a formal fashion education. …

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JadeLuckClub Be Heard Asian Students Denied Admission to Elite Private Colleges

Asian High School & College Students: Be Featured in Article!

Don't ID as Asian for College Random Topics

I’m Jesse Washington, an AP journalist who covers race and ethnicity. I’m looking to speak with Asian high school and college students about whether they identify themselves as “Asian” on their college applications. Asian students are often denied admission to competitive schools despite grades and test scores superior to non-Asian applicants. Was/is this an option …

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