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Jessica Yu (Not Jessica Wu!): Academy Award Winning Filmmaker: Produces the Next Scream?

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You know you’ve entered new territory when your outfit cost more than your film. Jessica Yu at 69th Annual Academy Awards Thank goodness that Jessica Yu is featured in Asiance Magazine because I searched and searched for her online and almost nothing came up. Then I figured out why. There is a dermatologist to the stars named …

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The House of Suh: An Award Winning Movie of the True Story of an Asian American Dream Gone Terribly Awry…

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The House of Suh: A Good Son is Committed for Life Yoon Myung and Tai Sook Suh immigrated to America for a better life for their children, Andrew and Catherine. But their pursuit of happiness quickly became riddled with misfortune, culminating on September 25, 1993, when Andrew shot and killed his older sister’s fiancé of …

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