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Anthony Lee choreographer

Thank you to author Wendy Shang for sending this my way. She is on her way to accept her APALA award for her wonderful middle grade chapter book The Great Wall of Lucy Wu. What do you think of the choreography? I asked my kids and they liked it a lot! Hey, if your middle schooler approves, then you know they are cool! These boys can dance! Nice choreography Mr. Lee!

My kids are really into this video and they had fun for an hour trying to copy the choreography! We all chose favorites. Music Lovers favors the middle guy. PickyKidPix and I like the 2nd from left denim guy. My little son likes the far left guy … perhaps because he’s the smallest. Ah, I hear the video being played right now!

This song was stuck in my head so I had to get it out of my system, and on the plus side, it was an excuse for me to try something new. I hope you enjoy the more…alternative…side of me? thanks for watching! [yea it’s a bit messy but whatever.]

Song: Somebody that I used to Know
Artist: Gotye

instagram: antoniousness

Charles Nguyen @charlesvnguyen
Josh EspinoSa @joshmelo
Lawrence Devera @LawPOREOTICS
Lawrence Kao @iamlawrencekao
Directed/Filmed/Edited by: Jonathan Shih @JYShih21

Special shout out to The Shift Dance Crew from Syracuse University!

Special thanks to Victor Kim for the spot/cameo!

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Kristy Lin Jewelry with Discount for JadeLuckClub Readers! Tue, 15 May 2012 08:17:18 +0000
I love the simple but playful silver jewelry by Kristy Lin.Like this Monsieur ring … it’s rings stacked up but look at the rings when they line up. Can you see it? Yes, it’s a face!
Kristy Lin JewelryMonsieur Stack Ring Set, $275
Kristy Lin jewelryEar Ring, $95
Blood Red Heart Ring, $88
How Kristy describes her line:
It’s inspired by films, conceptual art, and the human preoccupation with beauty.   I’m a young Asian-American designer that recently launched earlier this year.  Collections feature unconventional yet refined rings, earrings and bracelets that are effortlessly combined with surrealism and a high-end aesthetic for something a little quirky and a little classic.  All pieces feature sterling silver, and 14 or 18K gold.  Made in NY, NY, with recycled metals.
She is giving JadeLuck Club readers a special 15% discount.Please use promo code jadeluckclub. Click here to shop at her site.
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George Nakashima: Woodworker, MIT Grad, Icon. Tue, 20 Mar 2012 08:23:43 +0000

“Furniture, we feel, is a development of mood besides being purely utilitarian. Basic forms with the reflection of the constancy of nature find satisfaction in times like ours.

A small poetic haven in an unsettled world where excitement seems so necessary.”

George Nakashima, from his 1962 Studio catalog

George Nakashima, Japanese American, furniture maker, artisan, George Nakashima coffee table


George Nakashima, Woodworker, is what his business card read. He’s that, and a whole lot more. “Today Nakashima is regarded as one the most important artisans of the American studio crafts movement.” from Primavera Gallery

“George Nakashima was born in Spokane, Washington in 1905 and grew up in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula. He received a Bachelor’s Degree in architecture at the University of Washington (although he enrolled in the University to study forestry and switched majors after two years) and a Master’s from MIT in 1930, as well as the Prix Fontainebleau from L’Ecole Americaine des Beaux Arts in France.

During the 1930’s Nakashima lived in Paris and from there he traveled to Japan to familiarize himself with his ancestral roots. It was in Tokyo that Nakashima joined Antonin Raymond’s firm which allowed him to work in Pondicherry, India, where he supervised the building of the dorms at the Sri Aurobindo ashram, a project which would have a profound impact on the designer. For this project Nakashima created his pieces of furniture.

At the start of World War II he headed back to the U.S. but not before returning to Japan where he met his future wife, Marion. Once back in the US, in 1941 (the same year that he married Marion), the couple settled in Seattle. In 1942, the year that his daughter Mira was born, Nakashima and his family were sent to the internment camps in Idaho. With Raymond’s help, Nakashima was able to get out but only after the architect promised that the designer would work for him on his farm in Bucks County, PA. It was here that Nakashima began his business and built his home and workshop, known as the Conoid studio. (“Conoid” is also the name of his very famous chairs from 1960).”  from Primavera Gallery

It was George Nakashima’s dream to provide “Altars of Peace” for each of the seven continents on earth. Constructed from a magnificent pair of matched Black walnut, the first “Peace Altar” was consecrated and installed at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York City in 1986.

George Nakashima, Alters of Peace, Peace Table

The second Sacred Table, built to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations in 1995, was made from the same monumental black walnut tree as the first and blessed at the same Cathedral. After serving its mission as a unifying presence at The Hague Appeal for Peace in May of 1999, it resides in the newly renovated Russian Academy of Art in Moscow to help inspire peace in the new millennium.” from

To view any book more closely at Amazon, please click on image of book.


Wood Tables

Apartment Therapy (via)

Slabs of reclaimed wood have a more contemporary feel to them when used as tables. Paired with sleek modern or contemporary chairs, this slab table recalls the designs of mid-century design master, George Nakashima. from Hewn and Hammered

George Nakashima, Nakashima, furniture, craftsman, Interior Design, hand craftedimage from What Wilson Wants 

George Nakashima’s work is highly collectible. If you want a less expensive reproduction evocative of hi work, I found these items below. To view any coffee table more closely at Amazon, please click on image of table below.




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Isamu Noguchi: One of 20th Century’s Most Acclaimed Sculptors and His Iconic Coffee Table UDPATED Tue, 13 Mar 2012 08:51:38 +0000

“The art of stone in a Japanese garden is that of placement. Its ideal does not deviate from that of nature… But I am also a sculptor of the West. I place my mark and do not hide.”

Noguchi Coffee Table for Herman Miller

“To limit yourself to a particular style may make you an expert of that particular viewpoint or school, but I do not wish to belong to any school,” he said. “I am always learning, always discovering.”

Thank you HapaMama for this great children’s book recommendation on Isamu Noguchi.

The East-West House: Noguchi’s Childhood in Japan by Christy Hale

“Isamu Noguchi was born Isamu Gilmour in Los Angeles in 1904 to Leonie Gilmour, an Irish-American teacher and editor, and Yone Noguchi, a Japanese poet. It is the cultural divide between his parents, between East and West, between two distinct histories of art and thought, that would engage him his entire life. In 1906, Noguchi’s mother took him to Japan, where he attended Japanese and Jesuit schools. While in Japan, Noguchi gained an appreciation for its landscape, architecture and craftsmanship. Later his mother sent him to Indiana to attend a progressive boarding school she had read about in a magazine.

After high school Noguchi enrolled in Columbia University to study medicine, while at the same time taking sculpture classes on the Lower East Side. It wasn’t long before he realized that art, not medicine, was his true calling. He left school and found a studio where he could sculpt full-time.” from PBS

Noguichi Coffee Table, Asian inspired design, JadeLuckClubimage from Modernica Blog. Finn Juhl ‘Pelian Chairs’ with Noguchi Coffee Table photo by Eric Laignel

Noguchi Coffee Table, mid century modern design, JadeLuckClubimage from Modernica Blog. Noguchi Coffee Table Photographs by Dominique Marc Wehrli.

Noguchi table, Asian inspired design, Isamu Noguchi, image from Modernica Blog

Inspired to try a Noguchi piece in your house? Here are some reasonably priced reproductions.


Noguchi Coffee Table in ebony.


Noguchi Coffee Table in natural.


Noguchi Coffee Table in red.


Noguchi Dining Table in white.


Noguchi Dining Table in white.


Noguchi Dining Table in white.


Noguchi Dining Table in black.



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Asian American Jewelry Designer Michelle Chang: Edgy and Delicate Mon, 31 Oct 2011 08:40:57 +0000

My favorite Newbery Street Boutique, Dress, turned me on to jewelry designer Michelle Chang. She makes delicate but edgy rings, necklaces and bracelets with baby cats, skulls, and good luck symbols. The price points are great too! Here are some of my favorites. Have you heard of Michelle Chang? What other Asian American jewelry designers do you like?

Baby Skull Bangle in Sterling Silver, $80

MIchelle Chang Asian American Jewelry rising designer JadeLuckClubStack Bangle in Sterling Silver, $24

Michelle Chang Best Asian American Jewelry Designer Jade Luck Club Snowflake Necklace in Sterling Silver, $82

3 Spike Necklace Michelle Chang JadeLuckClub Asian American Creativity3 Spike Necklace, $78

Large Beaded Hoop Earrings Michelle Chang JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club  Celebrating Asian American CreativityLarge Hoop Earrings, $66

heart necklace Jade Luck Club Michelle Chang sterling silverTiny Wire Heart Necklace, $38

Tiny Cross Necklace Jade Luck Club Michelle Chang Asian American Best Jewelry DesignerTiny Cross Necklace, $36

Baby Skull Earrings Michelle Chang Jade Luck Club JadeLuckClubBaby Skull Earrings in Gold, $234

Baby Skull Earrings in Sterling Silver Michelle Chang JadeLuckClubBaby Skull Earrings in Sterling Silver, $184

Baby Skull Cufflinks Cuff Links Michelle Chang JadeLuckClubBaby Skull Cuff Links in Sterling Silver, $88

leaf ring Michelle Chang JadeLuckClubLeaf Ring, $184

To view any item more closely at Michelle Chang’s Etsy Store, please click on image.


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Michelle Obama Supports Asian American and People of Color Fashion Designers Wed, 26 Oct 2011 08:06:00 +0000

Michelle Obama Doo.Ri JadeLuckClubThis is not an accident. Michelle Obama uses fashion to make a statement. That statement is that she supports fashion designers of color, particularly those who are up and coming. In fact, by wearing people of color designs, Michelle Obama’s star power elevates them into the limelight, which is the power of a First Lady’s fashion statement if you consider Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis.

All images from New York Magazine, The Cut.

p.s. Did I leave out any people of color fashion designers? If so, can you please leave me a comment and I’ll add. Thank you!

Doo.Ri Chung

Michelle Obama Doo.Ri JadeLuckClub

 Maria Cornejo

Zero + Maria Cornejo Michelle Obama people of color latina american designers dress first lady JadeLuckClubmaria cornejo zero plus michelle obama jadeluckclub latino latina american fashion designers

Prabal Gurung 

Prabal Gurung Michelle Obama supports young american designers of color Jade Luck ClubPrabal Gurung Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub fashion statement to promote designers of colorPrabal Gurung Michelle Obama Jade Luck Club asian american designers

Naeem Kahn

Naeem Kahn Michelle Obama savvy designer clothing makes political statement JadeLuckClubNaeem Kahn dresses Michelle Obama first lady jadeluckclubNaeem Kahn Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub supporting people of color first lady

Derek Lam

Michelle Obama Derek Lam Fashion Designers of Color Asian American JadeLuckClub

Kai Milla

Michelle Obama Kai Milla Full Green Dress JadeLuck

Duro Olowu

Michelle Obama in Duro Olowu people of color fashion designers JadeLuckClubDuro Olowu fashion designer of color Michelle Obama First Lady JadeLuckClubMichelle Obama Duro Oluwu First Lady Makes Fashion Statement JadeLuckClubDuro Olowu Michelle Obama South Africa designer JadeLuckClub political statement through designer clothesMichelle Obama Duro Olowu JadeLuckClubDuro Olowu dresses Michelle Obama a lot jadeluckclub favorite designers of Michelle ObamaDuro Oluwu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub favorite designers of first ladies

Thakoon Panichgul

Thakoon Panichgul dresses MIchelle Obama JadeLuckClub Asian American Fashion designersMichelle Obama in Thakoon JadeLuckClubThakoon Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubThakoon JadeLuckClub Michelle Obama favorite designersThakoon Michelle Obama people of color asian american designers Jade Luck clubThakoon Michelle Obama Jade LUCK CLUB

Maria Pinto

Michelle Obama First Lady in Maria Pinto people of color designers JadeLuckClub

Narcisco Rodriguez

Michelle Obama in Narcisco Rodriguez JadeLuckClubMichelle Obama in Narcisco Rodriguez Celebrating Asian American CreativityMichelle Obama Narcisco Rodriguez dresses first lady latino power americanNarcisco Rodriguez Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubNarcisco Rodriguze Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubNarcisco Rodriguez Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy Michelle Obama jadeluckclub asian american designersMichelle Obama in Rachel Roy Jade Luck Club blogMichelle Obama wears Rachel Roy African American Designers JadeLuckClubRachel Roy michelle obama jadeluckclubRachel Roy dresses Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub favorite designers of first ladyRachel Roy Michelle Obama favorite designers of first lady Jade Luck ClubRachel Roy dresses Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub

Peter Som

Michelle Obama in Peter Som People of color designers JadeLuckClubPeter Som Michelle Obama first lady fashion makes statement JadeLuckClubPeter Som Michelle Obama first lady fashions supports asian african latino american designers jadeluckclubPeter Som dresses Michelle Obama JadeLuckclubPeter Som dresses first Lady of United States Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubPeter Som and Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubPeter Som Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub


Michelle Obama in skirt by Suno JadeLuckClub first lady makes fashion statement about people of colorMichelle Obama First Lady in Suno like Jackie Onassis jadeluckclubSuno Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub best asian american people of color fashion designers first ladySuno Jade Luck Club dresses first lady Michelle Obama and kids

Isabel Toledo

Michelle Obama in Isabel Toledo people of color fashion designers Jade Luck ClubIsabel Toledo Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Michelle Obama jeans Rachel Roy Jacket JadeLuckClub

Jason Wu

Jason Wu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubMichelle Obama in Jason Wu jadeluckclubJason Wu Michelle Obama First Lady Fashions Jade Luck ClubJason Wu and Michelle Obama Jade Luck ClubJason Wu Michelle Obama dress Jade Luck ClubJason Wu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubJason Wu and Michelle Obama JadeLuckClubJason Wu Michelle Obama jade luck club best asian american designers fashion

Hanii Y

Michelle Obama and Hanii Y cardigan JadeLuckClub


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Katie Holmes Stylist Partner: Jeanne Yang of Holmes & Yang Wed, 05 Oct 2011 08:24:23 +0000

Katie Holmes Jeanne Yang Holmes and Yang best Asian American stylist designer JadeLuckClub

Jeanne Yang of Holmes & Yang is widely recognized as a top stylist to Hollywood A Listers including Katie Holmes. A graduate of Scripps College, Yang began her career in fashion at Detour Magazine, as Managing Editor and Associate Publisher. There, she put unknowns on the cover including Leonardo DiCaprio, Sandra Bullock, and Cameron Diaz. From Detour, Jeanne left to become Senior Fashion Designer for the clothing label Product.  After two years at Product, she left to do freelance styling.

In InStyle magazine, she said that growing up she wanted to be “a senator or a UN ambassador. Quite the 180!” I love that about her!

Holmes and Yang Jeanne Yang JadeLuckClub

To see the Hollywood stars on the red carpet or on magazine covers that she styled, go here. Her roster includes:

Al Pacino
Amanda Seyfried
Anjelina Jolie
Anne Hathaway
Anthony Hopkins
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Benecio Del Toro
Brad Pitt
Bradley Cooper
Camilla Belle
Carla Gugino
Carrie Underwood
Catherine Zeta Jones
Christian Bale
Christina Hendricks
Demi Moore
Denzel Washington
Diane Keaton
Dustin Hoffman
Ellen Barkin
Ewan McGregor
George Clooney
Gong Li
Holly Hunter
Jack Black
Jack Nicholson
Jake Gyllenhaal
Javier Bardem
Jessica Biel
Katie Holmes

“Just days after Katie Holmes debuted her latest fall 2011 collection for her label Holmes & Yang—the line she designs with stylist Jeanne Yangactress Malin Akerman wore one of her new designs on the red carpet! The actress attended the Los Angeles premiere of Sucker Punch on Thursday wearing a simple long red dress, a look that is part of the new Holmes & Yang collection. While the dress won’t be in stores until fall, the current spring collection for the label just dropped at” In Style Magazine

Holmes & Yang JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club In Style Magazine

What do you think of the Holmes and Yang line? Here are some items from Barneys.

Holmes and Yang Blouse JadeLuckClubCute but pricey at $715

Holmes and Yang 2012 JadeLuckClubCriss-Cross dress, $2350

Holmes and Yang JadeLuckClub best Asian American stylist designerSuit Jacket, $2950

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Vera Wang’s New $10m LA Digs: It Pays to Be Creative Mon, 26 Sep 2011 08:21:44 +0000

Vera Wang Beverly Hills New House Living Room $10 million JadeLuckClub Jade Luck ClubHave you seen Vera Wang’s latest purchase? A gorgeous mid-century modern house in Los Angeles with 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, and breathtaking views all around. Her spectacular house once owned by Burt Reynolds.

It pays to be creative. Vera Wang’s net worth is estimated to be $115 million according to Celebrity Net Worth.

“Her new home near Coldwater Canyon features stunning views of L.A. and the ocean. The house was built in 1967, but renovated by the former owner Steve Hermann. Hermann is famous for his high-end home designs, many in Beverly Hills for A-list celebrities. The house covers 4,394 square feet and features four bedrooms, four bathrooms, swimming pool, spa and home theater. Its was constructed with black steel bars, to contrast the white and cream interior and furnishings, with heavy use of glass walls. The open glass design divides the living area into 2 lounge areas, a dining area and kitchen, all allowing you to enjoy the spectacular view thanks to the glass walls. The backyard pool also features its own lounge area.”

Vera Wang New Modern Los Angeles Beverly Hills House JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club


Vera Wang New House


Vera Wang New Beverly Hills Los Angeles House JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club It pays to be creative Asian American Best Fashion Designers

Vera Wang Beverly Hills New House Living Room $10 million JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club


Vera Wang New Beverly Hills Los Angeles House JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club It pays to be creative Asian American Best Fashion Designers


Vera Wang Best Fashion Designer Asian American JadeLuckClub new house

Vera Wang Beverly Hills House best Asian American Fashion Designer JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

Her new house is as stylish as she is. Congratulations Vera Wang!

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Top 10: Best Asian American Fashion Designers. Who Will be Next? UPDATED Wed, 07 Sep 2011 08:31:14 +0000

Joseph Altazarra Lily Kwong JadeLuckClub Best Asian American fashion designers

The newest Asian American Fashion Wunderkind is Joseph Altazarra. His ethnicity is a bit under the radar but he’s half French-Basque (father) and half Chinese American (mother). It’s a good looking combination! He studied art history at Swarthmore College then interned for Marc Jacobs, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy despite not having a formal fashion education. It helps that he runs with NYC It Girls like his cousin and model Lily Kwong, “Lauren Santo Domingo, the Vogue editor, and Vanessa Traina, who walked in his spring show.” NY Times Blog

Joseph Altuzarra JadeLuckClub Top 10 Asian American Fashion DesignersJoseph Altazarra Lily Kwong JadeLuckClub Best Asian American fashion designers

His clothes are known for Body-Con chic with an edgy twist.

altuzarra collections jadeluckclub asian american fashion designer best up and comingJoseph Altazurra collection Asian American Fashion Designer JadeLuck


The first eight designers are from the U.S. Embassy site and I added two more favorites. Thank you to my friend Ginny for sending me this link!

“Asian-American designers are a major force in the global fashion industry, as the New York Times recently noted. In this group are Vera Wang, Anna Sui and other established figures, plus relative newcomers such as Jason Wu and Thakoon Panichgul (both of whom are favorites of U.S. first lady Michelle Obama). Each designer has a distinctive aesthetic, reflecting the deep Asian-American talent pool in fashion and other fields. Here, models show off evening wear by Monique Lhuillier, a Filippina-turned-Californian.”

Asian American designers are rocking it. Who will be the next Big Thing? Can you suggest some under-the-radar Asian designers? Let’s discover them together!


1. Thakoon Panichgul

Known for gorgeous prints and COLOR, Thakoon is a line that says “happy!”

Thakoon Panichgul JadeLuckClub Top Asian Fashion Designers Best Fall Fashion

2. Monique Lhuillier

Her gowns grace red carpets and A Listers and her bridal collection is sought after by socialites.

Monique Lhuillier JadeLuckClub best asian american fashion designers top designers

3. Jason Wu

Dressing Michelle Obama put him firmly on the fashion map, but his flowy, feminine and flattering creations are what makes his line go supernova. His studded-on-the-bottom handbags are also the newest It Bag.

Jasso Wu Michelle Obama JadeLuckClub best asian american fashion designerMichelle obama jason wu gown inagural ball JadeLuckClub

4. Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang is Downtown NY cool. I love his looks but I am not cool enough to pull them off. Working on it!

Alexander Wang top best asian american designer jadeluckclub Celebrating Asian American Creativity

5. Anna Sui

With a funky boho vibe, Anna Sui is pure fun. I bought a dress from her capsule Target collection that gets a lot of compliments. No one can believe I bought it for $4o! Her own line is even nicer.

Anna Sui target lookbook top fashion designer asian american best fashion designer jade luck club

6. Phillip Lim

He started his own company at only age 31 (hence the 3.1) and he’s a runaway wunderkind commercial success. He hits all the right notes, season after season.

Philip Lim top asian american fashion designer jadeluckclub Jade Luck Club

7. Vera Wang

Her dad is a gazillionaire industrialist and her mom is a Tiger Mom. Known for her prodigious work ethic, Vera Wang is a runway and “for the masses” big-time success. Her Tiger Mom should be proud!

Best Asian American Fashion Designer Vera Wang Tiger Mom JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

8. Derek Lam

To me, he’s the Asian Michael Kors known for lux casual. I can’t afford him but I have been coveting his clothes for more than a decade.

derek lam michael kors jadeluckclub top asian american fashion designer

9. Prabal Gurung

He strikes the right balance of flouncy and tailored. If you can’t afford him, he did a nice capsule collection for J. Crew. There is still a little bit left.

Prabal Gurung Best Asian American Fashion Designer JadeLuckClub

10. Doo Ri

She understands drape more than any other designer, except, maybe for Donna Karan who famously failed that class in design school. Her clothes are lux, louche and gorgeous. I want!

Doo Ri top asian american fashion designers jadeluckclub jade luck club

Honorable Mention

Vivienne Tam

She creates very wearable clothes for real women, particularly those in the workforce.

Vivienne Tam Top Best Asian American Fashion Designers JadeLuckClub Jade Luck Club

Peter Som


Peter Som describes his aesthetic as one of “effortless elegance and refined sexiness”, and aspires to provide a fresh perspective to modern American fashion.

Peter Som best Asian American Fashion Designer JadeLuckClub


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The Amazing and Talented Chan Luu: Fashion, Jewelry and Scarf Designer Mon, 09 May 2011 08:30:51 +0000

Chan Luu amazing wraparound bracelets JadeLuckClubI was doing social media marketing for a Warehouse sale at an exclusive women’s boutique when I came across Chan Luu again! I had read about her years ago how she bopped over from China, set up shop creating amazing pleated scarves with even more amazing sell through. I wasn’t in the market for expensive scarves back then so she fell off my radar.

But then I see these amazing wraparound bracelets and hear that they are all the rage where I live, and they are by … wait for it, Chan Luu. Does she have uncanny fashion sense or what?! And how is this possible if you grew up in mainland China?

So, I am forced to investigate (and also hope to score an interview with her at some point … any of you readers happen to know her?).

This is what I discover:

  • She has a fashion line AND it’s cute stuff (sort of Ella Moss meets Anna Sui).
  • She has a blog and it’s great!
  • She’s actually from Vietman.
  • And here is her bio … (via

Chan Luu left Vietnam, where she was born and raised, to further her education at Boston University in Massachusetts majoring in Business Administration. Following her dream of becoming a designer, she later moved to Los Angeles and enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising earning a degree in Fashion Design in 1975.

Chan’s pieces have been featured in VogueElleGlamourHarper’s Bazaar andInStyle. Her designs have been worn by celebrities such as Jennifer Aniston,Mischa BartonSandra BullockChristina AguileraBritney SpearsDrew BarrymoreJanet Jackson. Chan is an avid tennis player and scuba diver. She also enjoys gardening and cooking for her friends. She currently resides in Pacific Palisades with her dogs, Henry and Benji.

Is Chan Luu all the rage in your circle? What do you think of her designs?

To examine any item more closely, please click on image.

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