Harvard/Princeton Targeted in U.S. Asian-American Discrimination Probe (Bloomberg)

Don't ID as Asian for College

“The prevailing college admission policy artificially places highly qualified Asian-American applicants to compete against each other rather than against the general pool of all applicants, instilling such a fear that many Asian-Americans hide their own racial identity” on applications, the committee stated in December.” from Bloomberg   Finally, someone is willing to file a complaint …

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Asian Americans and Affirmative Action from Brown University: Peeling Away the Layers of Complexity

Asian in America Don't ID as Asian for College

“Contrary to the myth of the “model minority,” Asian Americans do not constitute a monolithic ethnic group…  For example, the overall poverty rate for Asian Americans in 1990 was one percent above the average of the total U.S. population; this statistical mirage obscures the reality of many ethnic groups that fall under the Asian American …

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Gordon Hirabayashi WWII Asian American Rights Activist Japanese American Hero

Remembering Gordon Hirabayashi, Japanese-American civil rights hero

Asian Am Activists Asian in America

By Stephanie Siek, CNN (CNN) –  Twelve years before the U.S. Supreme Court decided separate was inherently unequal, and five months after a Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Gordon Hirabayashi took a stand that he believed would validate his rights as a citizen of the United States. The son of Japanese immigrants, Hirabayashi lent his name …

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