4 thoughts on “Asian Kids Log Most Screen Time: 13 hours a day! (USA Today)”

  1. WHY are Asian kids logging so much screen time? 13 hours a day is plain scary. Personally, my eyes would be bugging out if I spent that much time in front of a screen.

    I have to wonder if the perception of computers being “educational” and all has something to do with it. Just sayin’…

    1. To HapaMama,
      I totally agree with you. Might there be something wrong with their data? It doesn’t seem feasible to me either. And you are right about the educational thing making the screen time more acceptable but do Asian moms not notice or care about this much screen time? The moms I know are pretty strict about it plus they keep their kids busy … The study befuddles me!

  2. Our pediatrician asks her patients how much screen time they average daily, including TV, computer, and game toys. Glad she raised that, and i think we’re doing better than the 13 hour/day average kid. Nonetheless, increased screen time is a reflection of our families and lifestyles. i’m in front of a PC (two monitors and my Blackberry) at least 12 hours a day for communication and research. We’re going to explore Asian parenting and leadership at the NAAAP Convention in Boston. David Lum is a great presenter and thought-leader. Check it out…http://www.naaapconvention.org/2011/WorkshopPresentations/Workshops.aspx

    1. To Cyndy,
      Thanks for the update on the NAAAP Convention in Boston. I will try to make it. As for screen time, it’s an on-going battle in my house with my youngest who is a boy. My girls are just not as interested in screens … that is until the oldest started texting and emailing her friends. We try to monitor as well and send the kids outdoors as much as possible. It’s not easy to keep them off screens though!

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