Away We Happened, AT&T web series

Away It Happened: AT&T Web Series Commercial Gives Asian American Actors A Chance!

Asian in America

Away We Happened, AT&T web seriesWeb TV Series is Clever Commercial Starring Asian American Actors

This is rest of the clever AT&T web series, Away It Happened. On the one hand, it’s a really innovative idea to use a web series to showcase the features of the new AT&T smart phone which bears uncanny resemblance to the iPhone. It’s clearly targeting the twenty-something Asian American market; I suppose our disposable incomes and attitudes towards technology make us the perfect market segment.

Frankly, this web series give Asian American directors and actors a chance to show their stuff. Since there are such limited opportunities in Hollywood, I applaud AT&T for giving them this chance. And you know what? That phone really does have cool features!

What do you think of this web-series-as-commercial?

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